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It goes a little something like this.. HIT IT! I always wanted to say that. Any who, my name is B. Genel AKA Bridgette Robinson and this is my very first blog post!!! I am Baltimorean and soon to be LGCPC. Therapy assisted me to get through some tough and traumatic experiences throughout my life! Therapy is my passion and I do believe in the power it holds along with prayer, meditation, and the good ole’ truth. I do not look like what I have been through and I want to share pieces of me so you can live your best life. My roots are deep in early childhood education and advocacy. This blog is too simple to let you know that you are not alone on this journey we call life! I am here as your counselor, your friend, your sister, your advocate, and or tour guide to help you navigate your wholeness journey. I want to assist with bridging that gap between mental health awareness and spirituality (all religions and practices are welcomed). I do believe that when you are mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually healthy than your way of thinking and actions will produce positive results.

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